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Hoods in a Line


Auto Insurance is not just for cars; it is for motorcycles, motor homes, work trucks, and even jet skis. Having the right insurance for the right vehicle is important, because in case of accident or damage, the correct policy will protect you and other drivers as well as your vehicle.


Auto insurance includes the following categories of coverage:


Liability Insurance: If you are responsible for an accident, this will cover the costs of injuries and property damage incurred by the other party.
Collision: If you experience an accident and your car is damaged, this will cover the cost of repair to your vehicle and even a replacement vehicle if necessary.
Comprehensive: If another incident, such as vandalism, theft, or act of God damages your vehicle, this will cover the repair costs.

Optional Coverages
There are also optional coverages available such as: medical, rental reimbursement, towing and labor and more.


Advantax & Insurance helps each client understand their auto insurance options and chose the best ones for their needs. We also aim to get the best prices for our clients by working with our insurance company contacts to establish if our clients qualify for a discount based on a car’s low mileage or anti-theft devices, a driver’s good driving record, a household’s multi-vehicles, and more.


With so many options and so much fine print, Advantax & Insurance takes the time to understand what each vehicle and owner require and find the best policy options for them.

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