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Tax Preparation

Preparing your income tax return can be stressful and difficult. Most people do not enjoy the detail and planning required to keep on top of their tax obligations year-round and year-end.

Because Advantax & Insurance understands this, we offer our clients comprehensive tax planning that will take them from the start to the end of the tax year without any stress or difficulty.


By working with us to understand your personal financial landscape, we can put into place a system that will maximize your deductions and credits, and minimize the amount of federal and Rhode Island income tax you owe.


There are many tax preparation providers who promise the same, but without regulation in the state of Rhode Island, some firms are not certified and competent enough to deliver on their promise. We, at Advantax & Insurance, have a wealth of experience and have seen clients benefit from our tax preparation year after year.


You too can trust us to help you keep more of your hard-earned money by contacting us for a free consultation today.

Business Tax Preparation

We work directly with the owners and bookkeepers of the business to make sure we get the all the relevant information in a timely and efficient manner. We meet with the owners and officers to review the tax returns before they are filed so that we can answer any questions they might have.


We keep in touch with the business owners throughout the year advising and assisting them in making sound business decisions.

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