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No matter if you rent or own a house, apartment, or condominium, it is your sanctuary and protecting that sanctuary from fire, theft, vandalism or other types of damage and loss is central to home insurance.


The cost to repair a damaged home or replace lost belongings can be prohibitive to many people,

so the right home insurance policy can make a huge difference at a difficult time.


Advantax & Insurance will help you understand and choose the policy that will give you piece of

mind and payout if a claim is made. Different policies offer all or some of the following coverage:



  • Liability Protection: Will cover any liability claims awarded against you for injuries or damageto other people and property.

  • Living Expenses: Will assure that you have the funds to meet your basic needs in case of a disaster and subsequent damage to your home

  • Personal Belongings: Will reimburse you for damage or loss to personal home items.

  • Structural: Will see your home restored to its state prior to damage

Your Home is Your Most Valuable Possession
Other optional coverages such as flood, earthquake and animal liability can be purchased to assure that you have the policy that fully meets your household’s specific requirements. As well, you can combine your home insurance with other policies in order to get a significant discount in payments.


To understand your options and how Advantax & Insurance can help you to safely navigate home insurance, call today for a free consultation.

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